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Relative Strength Index

The relative strength index (RSI) is a technical indicator used in the analysis of financial markets. It is intended to chart the current and historical strength or weakness of a stock or market based on the closing prices of a recent trading period. The indicator should not be confused with relative strength.... Definition >

6-27.... entering more data this weekend

Oscillators are used by traders to get a better idea on when to enter/exit a trade
The RSI oscillator operates on a scale between 1-100
70 or above indicates an overbought status and is cause to watch for a possible breakdown
30 or below indicates an oversold status and is cause to watch for a possible reversal

Starting with May 1st 2017 we are recording every time our RSI study is triggered and compiling all the data into one study.....a trigger includes going above 70 or below 30
Chart setup:
14 day RSI
1 day 1 minute chart

Triggers >

below 30

above 70