NAK After Hours High +10%

After Hours Trading Activity

NAK saw an after hours high of $1.14 (+10%) shortly after the closing bell

Today’s close $1.03
Volume 6.26M
RSI 27.77

Remember, large gains and losses can be made in both pre market and after market hours. Our SP closed at $1.53 last Friday night and opened at $1.20 with only 100,000 shares exchanging hands… see article

I’m sure the opposite could happen one of these days and if you truly believe in your choice it’s best to stay in instead of trying to time the market.

Always use caution when trading irregular hours.

So what raised the share price today?  I’m sure a number of factors were involved but I see maybe three possibilities. Or a combination of all three

One, the overall market took a hit today and people were putting their cash into metals.

Two, Being one of the most shorted stocks on Wall Street there could have been many closing their positions.

3, Press release came out today. Northern Dynasty: National Environmental Policy Act permitting process for southwest Alaska’s Pebble Project advances with selection of 3rd party EIS contractor

The same thing we reported on a few days ago…

AECOM to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement

At the time of this article the current AH price is $1.08 7:21PM

Good luck tomorrow whatever happens

NAK Long

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