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100,000 is roughly the number of shares dumped to bring our price down from $1.53 to $1.20 during extended hours trading.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with what’s going on by now so let’s take a look at exactly what movement brought the price down to their current levels.

After the news was released on Friday evening the AH market dumped roughly 46,000 shares to bring the price down to $1.40

The Weekend- Media outlets had the weekend to correct their misleading headlines and inform the public not much has changed.

In a five minute window 6am Monday morning roughly 53,000 shares were exchanged to bring the price all the way down to $1.20. From there we saw a low of $1.12 before opening the day at $1.20.

A day of volatility brought the SP to $1.27 only to bring it back down to our current closing price of $1.20……

I’m wondering what the price would be if the headlines were correct in the first place and we didn’t have such a significant drop during extended hours ….. just a thought

Previous close $1.53
Closing price $1.20
Change (21.56%)
Volume 15.81M

The past

February 14th Report
Previous close $3.18
Closing price $2.50
Change (37.10%)
Volume 65.23M

Veto Announcement
Previous close $2.18
Closing price $1.76
Change (14.28%)
Volume 35.5M

Partner Announcement
Previous close $2.16
Closing price $1.91
Change (11.5%)
Volume 21.12M



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