What To Anticipate This Week?

I know many of you are quite disappointed with stock price after the announcement yesterday and we now know for sure it’s just par for the course around here. I think the news should start coming in at a slow and steady pace as we still have a few more milestones to accomplish before the end of the month. Time to re-group and focus on the long term. Hopefully most of the weak hands expecting a quick return sold today and tomorrow starts a new chapter in the process. I would bet that 80% of the readers here held strong today…. Sorry to see you go peter, you’ll have to check back in periodically

On to the next steps-

First of all, the conference call shed some light on a subject I have been wondering about. Philip Pascall
Chairman of the Board and CEO states   “We expect the U.S. Clean Water Act 404 filing to take place in the next few days” This may not be news to some but today was the first time I heard anything about it. Listen to conference call

Correction- David sent me yet another correction

The quotation from Peter Pascall you refer to (“. . . the U..S. Clean Water Act 404 filing. . .”) is in fact the permit filing, not the EPA withdrawal of their Proposed Determination. He is talking about the filing of the permit application.

Thank you David


And if Northern Dynasty Minerals can come through and file permits by the end of the year as stated then I think we’d be in for a good new year…….Not holding my breath on this one. I do feel it will happen very soon but the end of the year is fast approaching.

First Quantum is poised to become one of the largest widely-held, pure-play copper producers in the world- Northern Dynasty Minerals

Good Luck Today

NAK Long

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