This Is How Rumors Get Started

This Is How Rumors Get Started!

I have to start out by apologizing for starting a rumor. A few days ago I read an article titled

Alaskans heading to White House for Christmas

from Must Read Alaska. It does state Bob Gillam and Tuckerman Babcock are headed to the White House and if you continue reading further down it states

“On Jan. 6, Alaska Republicans will host a first-anniversary gala celebrating the 45th presidency.Last year, Bob Gillam was the keynote speaker and businessman Scott Hawkins, now a gubernatorial candidate, was the emcee. This year Mark Hamilton, executive vice president of external affairs for the Pebble Partnership, will be the keynote, and radio personality Rick Rydell is the auctioneer. Tickets are selling fast, according to organizers”

If if you don’t read the fine print on the invitation then you will not know it’s being held in Anchorage.

Alaskans heading to White House for Christmas

My deepest apologies to CNA…. P.S. Does this mean the interview for the writing position has been canceled? Lol

Have a good evening!

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