wondering what timeframe there is for a public announcement


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We are all wondering what timeframe there is for a public announcement of the EPA decision. Here is information I found.

231.4. Public comments and hearings (Clean Water Act)

(a) The Regional Administrator shall provide a comment period of not less than 30 or more than
60 days following the date of public notice of the proposed determination. During this period any
interested persons may submit written comments on the proposed determination.

(a) The Regional Administrator or his designee shall, within 30 days after the conclusion of the
public hearing (but not before the end of the comment period), or, if no hearing is held, within 15
days after the expiration of the comment period on the public notice of the proposed
determination, either withdraw the proposed determination or prepare a recommended

(c) Where the Regional Administrator, or his designee, decides to withdraw the proposed
determination, he shall promptly notify the Administrator by mail, with a copy to the Assistant
Administrator for Water and Waste Management, who shall have 10 days from receipt of such
notice to notify the Regional Administrator of his intent to review such withdrawal. Copies of the
notification shall be sent to all persons who commented on the proposed determination or
participated at the hearing.

The conclusion of the last hearing was October 12, therefore the 30-days deadline would be November 11th which is a Saturday.


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