Report 27: New Beginning

Welcome to the 27th NAK Report

10-02-17 to 10-06-17

Hope everyone had a great week as our trading accounts filled back up a bit thanks to our new mining plans and a boost from a few well placed news articles. I hate to even think of the phrase “buy the rumor and sell the news” but we have seen it all too many times over the last seven months with new hands entering the game and pulling out at any sign of weakness. The funny thing is you can actually see it happen if you watch the board long enough. I’m hoping this is finally the catalyst that motivates the shorts to start covering and longs to hold strong. It’s time to break out of the $1.80s for good!

Thanks for reading this week
Sincerely NAK Long

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Northern Dynasty Minerals: The Probability Of Successful Permitting Grows


•Northern Dynasty Minerals presented some of the basic features of a new development scenario.
•The operation will be smaller.
•There will be no cyanide leaching and waste rock piles.
•The dams should be strong enough to withstand the strongest possible earthquake modeled for the Pebble area.
•The economics of the modified project haven’t been presented yet, but the modifications should boost the chances of obtaining the permits notably.




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