Report 26: Delay

Welcome to the 26th edition of our NAK Report

9-25-17  to 2-29-17

Just getting back in town from a long weekend travel and putting the finishing touches on the report. Good luck to all this week

Thanks for reading
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From Christine
The controversy of the Pebble Mine in the southwest region of Alaska is one of formidable proportions. So much has been said, shouted, written and speculated about Pebble that facts have all but been conveniently swept askew. There have been blatant inaccuracies and distortions of truths in the ever fluctuating compendium of the Pebble Mine, all intended to persuade public opinion, whether it be for or against. The story of the Pebble Mine is besieged by elements and influences in which flow on continuum.

Southwest Alaska is without a doubt a spectacular ecosystem. The panorama ranges from the surreal volcanic landscape of Katmai National Park, tens of thousands of square miles of interior boreal forests, swamps, highlands and the immense mountain barrier of the Aleutian Islands. Alaska is a land of volcanoes, situated on the Pacific Rim along the aforementioned Ring of Fire. The Pebble Deposit itself is at the end of a long chain of volcanoes that comprise the 1,600 mile-long Aleutian Peninsula.

Right now Pebble is an idea. Absolutely! But, ideas have propelled humankind to achieve things no one thought achievable. Electricity was an idea, flight was an idea, electric vehicles was an idea. It has taken over ten years of geological, environmental and socioeconomic analysis, studies and documentation, as well as intensive engineering effort to determine that Pebble can become the largest existing copper reserve in the world. The prefeasibility and feasibility studies have yet to be completed to indicate the economic viability of Pebble.

It took vision and courage, exhaustive effort and legal battles to be where Pebble stands today, at the precipice of possibly something magnificent. Many questions left unanswered in this story, but will one day will be unveiled. But until then, yes, Pebble is an idea.

So, will we longs finally hold the cup of reward?

I for one, will certainly drink to that!


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