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Welcome to the 25th edition of the NAK Report
Thank you everyone for attending the 25th consecutive NAK report as we slip into the first few days of fall. Much action this week considering our SP headed in the upper reaches of the $1.90s but fail to break the $2.00 mark. Congrats to anyone who took profit at $1.99 but I’m personally holding out for much more. It will be interesting to see what next weeks trading sessions will bring as it’s the last chance to take position before the announcement deadline. Expecting a delay? Some obviously do because it’s a real possibility but again we must consider the time in which is needed to accomplish their end goal. Let’s hope it’s around the two-three week timeframe I have been busy moving the sites around, getting my accounts in one location and giving this email a little face lift. I also purchased the name just in case we have a buyout and NAK is gone. In that case we will simply move over to our new name Pebble Report. I do plan to utilize the name and make it active so visitors to will be forwarded to Also thinking of publishing on Friday late night. It seems Sunday is a little too late but on the other hand I feel Friday is too early if anything comes about over the weekend……feel free to reply with your suggestions. I would like thank everyone who donated to our cause last week.

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From CNA:

What We’re Seeing From Rio Tinto

As mentioned above, many investors at NAK have been under the impression that the company is gearing up for a takeover and most believe that Rio Tinto is going to be the one to make the offer. The reason for this is relatively simple. Recent news surrounding RIO suggests that they are gearing up for something big financially.

Recently, the investment firm Macquarie said that RIO would be selling some of its assets, hoping to raise up to $10 billion. The firm said that the London-based company could bring in between $3.3 and $4.3 billion should it sell its outstanding coal operations. On top of that, Rio Tinto could raise up to $2.8 billion should it choose to sell its aluminum and smelting operations. The investment firm believes that in total, between all assets it is considering selling, it could bring in roughly $9.9 billion.

Is This To Acquire NAK?

As mentioned above, I’ve seen several messages on message boards suggesting that at the moment, Rio Tinto is building up funds in order to acquire Northern Dynasty Minerals. First and foremost, I want to make it clear that this is nothing more than speculation at the moment. RIO may just be building funds to move forward with their own operations. However, it’s hard to argue that the company would gain quite a bit from acquiring NAK.

If I was asked about a potential acquisition of NAK a year ago, I would have said it is too early in the game. However, today, things are very different. Throughout the year, things have changed in a big way with regard to the Pebble Project, and if things keep going in this direction, the project could be an overwhelmingly profitable one! The company has gotten to the point where they will be able to work toward permits for the project, which was a long fight and well won.

As a result, they are getting overwhelmingly close to beginning construction of what could be one of the largest mines in the world. So, it wouldn’t be inconceivable if a big company like RIO wants to take a piece of the pie. So, as to the question above, no one quite knows if Rio Tinto is raising funds to acquire Northern Dynasty Minerals, but it is definitely not out of the question.

From our friends on SH,
wow, really 67% short today, man, some peeps are gonna be selling their houses with a few divorces if they think this a game.


WOW -67% short as a % of Sales 9/19/2017

Strong volume today, and interestingly shorts battled hard to keep this down, and it did not work. Vast majority of sellers today were short -67% of sales.

While a few are pointing to that CNA article as the reason for the strong buy volume (buy out speculation), our view is that suggestion is nonsense

  1. CNA is a small, random internet rag, they don’t have weight in the market
  2. The article only had 600 or so views well after the move this morning – clearly, this is not enough to create 4 mil in volume (at that point) – and its a rag site!
  3. NAK has been undervalued for MONTHS, this was a technical move with (likely) some tuts buying in given recent marketing, near term expectations of partner etc and undervauation, then add in swing traders
  4. Great to see this move over the past few days in spite of heavy shorting. It means someone of size wanted the stock NOW and shorts seem to keep missing the big picture. Good for them.

An excellent day for longs and good to see a move on strong volume well before news of JV etc. this bodes well going forward

Data below

Daily Short Volume

Volume 6.289 Million

Buys 2.814 Million

Sales 2.618 Million

Dark Pools 0.857 Million

Short 1.743 Million

Short as a % of Sales 67%

Shares Sold By Longs 0.875 Million

50% Sales by Longs Purchased by Shorts 0.438 Million

Short Interest Add / (Reduction) 1.306 Million

Source: Trade Data Ihub/ Short – /FINRA

News Post a positive comment for the pebble mine. only activists so far

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) Upgraded to “Hold” at BidaskClub

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