Report 24: Doji

Welcome to the 24th edition of the NAK Report

Another week of consolidation as we head even closer to the end of the month. Our weekly chart created the classic doji formation which usually indicates either the buyers are losing confidence (on an upward trend)  or the sellers are starting to lose conviction on a downward trend. In this case I don’t see it as buyers losing confidence (as we are on an uptrend) I see it more of holding and defending our line and feel it’s more the sellers (shorts) are losing conviction and covering a bit which is allowing the SP to hold the line. I have also been told numerous times $1.80 is a strong resistance point (now safe to say support) so I guess it’s a little of both. Oh, and who can forget the individuals who are just jumping back in because they don’t want to miss the train. Some of us just call it the stars aligning……     When will we start to see the price rise again? not sure but I’m guessing we will see a lot of volatility heading into the next few weeks.
Baby Update: Lily is doing very well and is finally starting to sleep long periods throughout the night (7 hours one night! ) which is allowing me to slowly start working on my site(s) again. I’m still working full time until the weather breaks so I’ll still be limited to late evenings. P.S. Mike, I may actually be able to get to that survey soon LOL Thank you everyone for your patience

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Looks like the market for COPPER will be getting a lot bigger!

Electric cars means a lot more copper will be needed.  Recycling will not meet that demand..


Yes Ron & Doug is attending the conference and Ron’s presentation went well this morning, but there will not be a replay.


He went through the September corporate presentation on our website.

It remains our goal to re-partner this quarter.

Thanks for your support for Northern Dynasty.


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