Report 23: Pressure Building


Welcome to the 23rd edition of the NAK Report

Time is running out and I can almost feel the pressure building! Shorts seem to be covering the same day in fear of news after hours, people scrambling to get into position and old faces starting to appear on the message board (good and bad) I’m talking to you Bert!….. At this point the only thing to do is hold our breath and maybe buy those last few shares.
I do find it very possible to be hit with the news of a delay such as we saw in the EPA announcement but feel a proper news release should appease investors. They are confident on permitting and partner by the end of the year. If your long then delay news shouldn’t matter and just another opportunity to pick up some more shares on the cheap but If your a trader then this will not be news to your ears and you will probably bring the SP down a bit in the first day then compounded with short sales…………..
At this point whatever happens will not surprise me

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the individuals affected by the recent hurricanes. We have some great people that live in the areas and hope they are safe!

Thanks for reading
Sincerely NAK Long

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Here’s Why Northern Dynasty Minerals Gained Over 25.2% in August

Investors have a big potential development on their mind.

Maxx Chatsko


Sep 7, 2017 at 11:52AM

What happened

Shares of prospective copper and gold mining company Northern Dynasty Minerals (NYSEMKT:NAK) jumped over 25% last month without any news. However, the move can be explained by knowing that investors are expecting significant news before the end of September — and looking to get into a position before it’s announced.

What does that cryptic wording mean? In a June 23 interview with Business News Network of Canada, Northern Dynasty Minerals CEO Ron Thiessen said, “I feel pretty comfortable that we can achieve a repartnering by the end of [the third quarter] of this year.” That would be a big and necessary catalyst for the company and the stock, perhaps enough to push shares to new levels that held for the foreseeable future…..More

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