Report 22: End Of Summer

Welcome to our 22nd edition of the NAK Report

Another week of higher highs as we headed into the long holiday weekend. The same weekend that also marks the end of summer for many but I would say most of all it means we getting close to the end of this quarter.
As we approach the end I can’t help but wonder and anticipate what the next few weeks will bring. I did cash in most of my portfolio to put back into NAK.

If your shorting this stock I would consider closing your position unless your 100% certain NAK will not succeed. Devin recently posted an article that really brings to light what can happen if your an idiot. But what makes me laugh is this guy actually asks the public for help with his own stupidity. Imagine waking $100,000+ in the hole! That’s what happened to this guy
(I know the link is old but still funny)

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Thanks for reading!
Sincerely NAK Long

This Week:
Last Friday’s close $1.78
This Friday’s close $1.81


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