Report 20: Fool Me Twice

Welcome to our 20th edition of the NAK report!
I would like to thank you the reader for keeping me going the last 5 months. The volume of comments on our site and the yahoo board have fallen very low due to summer time but there is one thing I can count on and that’s you opening my emails every week. I entitled this week “Fool Me Twice” due to the fact for the second week in a row the Motley Fool has produced an article that does not portray NDM in a negative light. Not exactly a buy signal as they mention a long permitting process lasting around 7 years……maybe they missed trump’s memo on speeding up the process to around 2 years. Seems to me and others they are just covering their butts in case NAK is a grand slam.
Hope you enjoyed the rollercoaster ride this week…… all I can say is any week we ended in the green. is a good week.

I have decided to keep this link up for another week

Below we have provided a link to the new Fool article
Good luck to all!

Hope you have enjoyed the last 5 months and keep reading to ensure our continuing efforts. Unfortunately I have been too busy to work much on the website but this fall/winter I should have plenty of time. Right around the end of 3Q…….

Thanks again for your support
Sincerely NAK Long

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Thanks for the newsletters buddy, appreciate you taking the time to put them together, especially when you got a newborn in the house now. Last week was a roller coaster ride, I ended up adding more another 2800 shares during the week, and thought we were done with the yoyo games. Very frustrating, and it was indeed a learning experience for me. Options Friday, and now if I didn’t really grasp it before, I certainly do now. The MM’s pinned the price right below the “In the money” mark, and with no news, no volume, nothing was going to get… Read more »