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Last Friday’s close $1.26
This Friday’s close $1.40


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Welcome again to another NAK Report. I am very pleased at our gains this week and hope we can keep our upward momentum from the $1.20s. I have gathered some information for you including a short video featuring John Stossel, Johnl22, the official NDM mailing list and more.
Quick commentary tonight as we have been busy with our new little one. I would like to thank everyone for their support on our special night.
NDMs newest shareholder (Lily) was born on Tuesday, July 11th

Sincerely NAK Long

A recent quote from Ron Thiessen President & CEO:
“We believe the project design we are preparing to advance into permitting, as well as the social and stakeholder programs and commitments we are building around our project, will address many of the priorities and concerns we have heard from stakeholders in Alaska,” said Thiessen. “We have every confidence that a permitting process led by the Corps (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) will be objective and science-based, and provide us an opportunity to demonstrate that Pebble is a project of merit that will provide very substantial benefits to the people and communities of Southwest Alaska, the state and nation as a whole.”

The EPA’s Assault on Alaska’s Pebble Mine
By-John Stossel

A good read by JohnL22 on Stockhouse

Important Valuation Considerations:

All, I wanted to post this today as we are getting close to the day where (I believe) the stock may start rising in anticipation of news, traders entering (not a great thing as they are short term), some ‘smarter’ shorts covering, etc.  This will give you some time to consider these points over the ‘waiting’ period for what we hope is our JV news.

While I cannot tell anyone not to sell or when to sell, as you all have your own financial decisions to make, I did want make some comments here on value for all to consider.

  1. NAK is severely undervalued CURRENTLY because of excessive shorting, do not forget that. 


  1. If you recall all of my daily posts on short volume, you should have taken away one key point, from approximately $2.50 down the data showed that very few longs were selling. The price decline was proven (from the data) as shorts selling to shorts and walking the price down. They took advantage of low volume, fear, and few buyers (or buyers waiting), but in the end, we know what the data says, that few longs sold. This matters, because its explains the current price is a fiction – this has been explained many times in my daily short reports – read those if you need a refresher.

So, consider this as it moves up. Why would you sell at a price that has been manufactured by shorts and doesn’t reflect real value, and that you would never have sold at when you bought? Just to assist shorts in covering? Such a decision makes no sense, you watched them walk it down (and know it from the data), then you sell when they need to get out, either at a loss, break even or small profit? Effectively, you let them sucker you into their game (the fatigue, impatience, buy high sell low, emotional retail investor mentality).  The stock should be well into the $3-4 range right now (based on public comps). Had it not been for this ‘game’, it would be. But you’d sell at $2 or $3 post partner and post veto? Why?…..Read More


Previous close $1.26
Open-   $1.28
High      $1.36
Low-      $1.24
Close-    $1.35
Volume   2,486,405
Open-   $1.35
High      $1.48
Low-      $1.33
Close-    $1.46
Volume   4,658,921
Open-    $1.38
High-     $1.6
Low-      $1.41
Close-   $1.44
Volume- 10,169,869
Open-   $1.45
High-    $1.46
Low-     $1.34
Close-   $1.40
Volume-  2,852,968
Open-   $1.40
High-    $1.49
Low-     $1.40
Close-   $1.49
Volume- 2,489,291Data

Work in progress….

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