Down But Not Out!

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Thank you for keeping up the spirits on the board during these long summer days when I cannot be there. Just wanted to write a quick article to express my feelings at this point

I can honestly say I never thought we would see these lows this quick.  Am I ready to throw in the towel? Hell No! When I entered a long position, it was in fact just that “LONG” I know there has been a lot of ridicule lately because the bashers are getting their way and I’m still unsure at this point what will happen but I stand behind my decision 100% because I still see support…..Let’s talk around Christmas or even later.

In the short term
Taking into consideration Thursdays low closing price, Fool ad/article, low RSI (30) and overall red market today I have a feeling we may have a green day Friday and Thursday would have been a good day to pick up shares for a quick trade.(providing no bad news Friday) Will the high of the day hold Friday if we see green? probably not since our high usually retraces …. Just my thoughts, I could be 100% wrong. Unfortunately I’m working in a roaming area so I cannot load up any data.

Long term

I am still very bullish long term for many reasons. Here are just a few,  you have trumps decision to streamline the permitting process down to two years, Alaska’s economy is in need of more revenue and jobs, A partner is still to be announced in Q3 and many more reasons including the vision of global energy dominance.

As stated in the beginning that I am in this 100% with my original investment until I see definitive proof the mine will not be constructed under this administration in which case I will purchase back when it hits rock bottom and play the technical side more.

Quote from a recent article posted here

Realizing Value By Being Patient.

“Now that risks associated with the veto have been removed, institutions are able to buy shares into funds if they want to, and we are seeing that they definitely want to. Goldman 497,000 today etc. The shares should now find price support and more stability due to their desire to accumulate on weakness. Once each institution has accumulated the position they want, then they will come forward and support the share price in instances of a share price decline. Individual shareholders are not invited to speak to the media, however, institutions are invited and they do talk positively about their holdings. Therefore, one can expect they will help to raise the level of awareness to the the media, if and when it suits them”

Another great read also posted here

So much misinformation being posted!
Pebble is not a gold mine. It is a copper porphyry deposit, that like all porphyries is poly-metallic. In Pebble’s case, Copper-Gold with a lot of Mo, Ag and commercial values of Re and Pd.
A similar deposit in Panama (Cobre Panama) was owned by Inmet Mining……Read full article

I do not rely on the market for my income so I can sit for a long time

Baby Update: For those of you keeping track, we are inducing on Tuesday…..Will keep you updated!

Good Luck To All

NAK Long

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This slow/steady sideways, downwards drift has been rather depressing, and of course the relentless bashing on the stock boards makes it less desirable to post a lot. However, I feel I’ve done my DD, and though I originally thought 1-3 years would be my marriage with this stock, I feel it is going to be longer than that now. I’m definitely upside down, in this for sure and though I don’t really want to tie up more funds in this, as opposed to keeping extra funds available for a correction that’s coming (and I do believe an overall correction to… Read more »

I’m still holding as well but I’m also buying at these low amounts. Cant help it and if they do get a Partner I make a killing! I still have faith!