Report 13: Welcome Q3

This Week:
Last Friday’s close $1.48
This Friday’s close $1.39

Institutional Info -Investors: 74 -Shares: 46,073,450 Fintel

Short Interest -Shares: 24,971,700 -Days To Cover 5.9 – Prior 22,977,600 Change 9 %

Welcome to the 13th NAK Report

Welcome pebble community……. Another short newsletter tonight as we’re just arriving home from fireworks and it’s almost midnight…..
All I can say is I’m glad were finally in the third quarter. Many think we will hear news toward the end of the quarter which is fine with me because I’ll slowly add to my position over the summer. We’re going to skip the news and shareholder comments tonight since you can find a wealth of great comments and some news on the board.   …….I think NNN also posted a video in which they talk about a copper mine in Alaska that has been stalled for years. I couldn’t find any major news in the last week or so. It’s pretty much a waiting game at this point.

I did start a little trade on Monday…… If you can remember a few letters back I alerted you and opened a position in URG when it was trading at $0.52. Monday I saw the RSI was getting high (60) and last time the RSI reached these levels they dropped for a few days. I closed my position in URG ($0.65/share) and put it in NAK for a quick trade. I have a feeling NAK will see green sometime Wednesday and URG will see red…….
Have a great rest of the week and keep posting!
NAK Long


Previous close $1.48
Open-   $1.48
High      $1.50
Low-      $1.39
Close-    $1.43
Volume   4,126,170
Open-   $1.42
High      $1.44
Low-      $1.35
Close-    $1.36
Volume    3,863,79
Open-    $1.35
High-     $1.49
Low-      $1.34
Close-   $1.46
Volume- 3,709,430
Open-   $1.42
High-    $1.45
Low-     $1.35
Close-   $1.40
Volume-  2,777,350
Open-   $1.38
High-    $1.40
Low-     $1.36
Close-   $1.39
Volume- 1,194,564
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc also upped Northern Dynasty Minerals (NYSEMKT:NAK) stake by 644,764 shares and now owns 2.54 million shares.
Thank you for reading and good luck
NAK Long

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