Report 12: My Thoughts

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This Week:

Last Friday’s close $1.63
This Friday’s close $1.48


Institutional Info
-Investors: 74
-Shares: 46,073,450 Fintel

Short Interest
-Shares: 22,977,600
-Days To Cover 6.9
– Prior 23,920,200 Change -4 %

Welcome to the 12th NAK Report

Welcome to yet another NAK Report. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed their weekend. To date, no one I have spoken to or read on the board attended the meeting so I guess we’ll have to wait to see what comes from it. BTW me and G couldn’t agree on a radio station so we didn’t make it lol (you would have to be there) Despite what an arrogant individual thinks (if you have been reading the board you know exactly what I’m saying) many of us were not expecting much from this “General Meeting” as it’s titled on the NDM website and this newsletter last week. There were several factors that could have contributed to the drop on friday other than the fact “they didn’t announce anything”  Here are a few things I observed on friday….So many variables T, how can you pinpoint one?

Options expired on Friday Salmon season kicked off on Friday which coincided with the shareholder meeting…. Coincidence? Doesn’t seem like it…. Opinion articles released on friday that paint a bad picture of the mine.

I was recently asked What my feelings were on NAK and where do I see it in 1-2 years….here is my response

“What are my feelings on this stock?

I’m really not one to look at fundamentals honestly, just getting into the market I tend to get lost in all the terminology such as 8 K and other such forms. (I have to look up every one) Not that I can’t learn (I taught myself how to build websites and small electronics) I’m just not ready to sit down and research it yet. I basically set out to learn as much as I can about the technical side of the stock market since this represents the fast money and more exciting aspect of the game -in my opinion-

Therefore when I see a stock that I want to hold long term I’m not looking at the fundamentals but rather on what they own. (I don’t really have time to learn at the moment)

In the case of NDM I see potential in the fact they own such a vast wealth of untapped minerals and they finally have their chance to fair process. But on the other hand I do see all the opposition. Let’s hope their plan really is as they say Fish First…. the mine is pretty far away from the bay but I do believe tributaries  run through the site….(don’t quote me on that)

I was also shocked to see the advisory committee was filled with individuals that were so opposed to the mine. It’s definitely going to be a battle but I feel we have the right person in office to give us a better chance. I do like the fact he is streamlining the permitting process to as low as 2 years. Plus the whole global energy dominance aspect has me intrigued too.

It may be speculation at this point still but I don’t want to take the chance of missing out on such potential. I don’t hold nearly as many shares so your situation is definitely different than mine”
When it comes down to it I can’t honestly tell you what’s going to happen at this point (can anyone really?)  I think NNN said it best this week when he stated “we were confident the veto was going to be lifted”  We could see tons of support for Fair Process and now they have their fair chance. It’s a whole new ballgame now and I don’t have the experience to tell you weather this will succeed or fail. I will always give you my fair an honest opinion and share the opinion of shareholders.  My goal is not to “convince you to buy” but rather to keep you informed to the best of my ability.
Here is a great comment from last week and it give a good picture on my feelings too. I’m sure most have read it and know who it is but I don’t like to publish names without prior consent. He’s a great member to the site so don’t think he’d mind

T@$ and A$%$#, I think most on here realize, we are all here to make money, short or long. If we can have a few pokes along the way at each other, I’m totally down with that. I don’t and won’t engage in the direct calling people on this board (or any internet chat board) tard and the whole host of other krap that I’ve seen. It’s an internet chat board, for all I know (deleted) could be a dude, Nak Long could be Santa Claus, A$%$”%@ could be Charles Schaub and this board a ploy to get me to ride this mother to the bottom of the ocean, lol. I think that a number of the peeps on here have done a lot of research and feel that with DD, time, research, and ultimately $$$$ invested, they can make a profit. Some in a day, others on option friday, others longer. This is definitely not my whole portfolio, but the longer I am in it, the more intrigued I am at the potential that lies within, though not turning a blind eye to unexpected roadblocks either. There has been some stocks that were pretty much thrown to the dump that turned out pretty well, even when all didn’t look so rosy. Apple being one of them, now look at them. Amazon, was a buck fifty back in the late 90’s. My grandfathers brothers designed the zero turn mower back in the early 50’s I believe, and that coorperation was a joke trying to compete with John Deere, Cub, and others. Excel stock now, is worth several thousands of dollars per share. Keeping the dream alive, and hoping we can all make some scratch, with quality info shared, maybe we can all see the others point of view. Until then, “If you’re gonna die, die with your boots on” (Bruce Dickinson)

Can you tell I edited it a little bit? lol

Before we move on to the shareholder price and news I leave you with an interview with President & CEO Ronald W. Thiessen

Thanks for your continuing support

NAK Long

Previous close $1.63
Open-   $1.62

High      $1.66
Low-      $1.58
Close-    $1.61
Volume   1,952,103

Open-   $1.56

High      $1.584
Low-      $1.52
Close-    $1.55
Volume    2,781,033
Open-    $1.52
High-     $1.615
Low-      $1.52
Close-   $1.56
Volume- 1,826,531
Open-   $1.56
High-    $1.58
Low-     $1.53
Close-   $1.54
Volume-  2,106,016
Open-   $1.53
High-    $1.5416
Low-     $1.46
Close-   $1.48
In The News

A Message from Bristol Bay to Pebble Mine Investors: NEVER “We will never support Pebble Mine in our Bay,” reads the full-page ad in today’s Vancouver Sun paid for by the tribes and village corporations of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Financial Times
As of Jun 23, 2017, the consensus forecast amongst 2 polled investment analysts covering Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd advises that the company will outperform the market. This has been the consensus forecast since the sentiment of investment analysts improved on Jan 26, 2016. The previous consensus forecast advised investors to hold their position in Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.

Which insiders are buying Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NYSE:NAK)?
Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NYSE:NAK) reached 466.5% versus a 1-year low price of $0.28. The stock was last seen -1.23% lower, reaching at $1.61 on June 19, 2017. At recent session, the prices were hovering between $1.58 and $1.66. This company shares are 268.94% off its target price of $5.94 and the current market capitalization stands at $454.36M. The recent change has given its price a -2.06% deficit over SMA 50 and -53.33% deficit over its 52-week high.

Price Targets in Focus For Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (:NAK) and Omeros Corporation (NASDAQ:OMER)
Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (:NAK) shares have been labeled a top pick by Beta Research as it meets the A+ criteria outlined by the firm.  The stock boasts a consensus analyst “Buy” rating with the consensus recommendation standing at 2.00.  This is according to all covering research brokerage firms taken into consideration by First Call.  The consensus price target of $5.94 also implies significant upside from the current price of $1.63.

Stock Rating Report: Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NAK)Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NAK) closed its previous trading session at $1.63 with the gain of 7.24%. The company’s market cap is $476.84 Million, and the average volume is 5.53 Million. The Price to Sales (P/S) ratio of the stock is 0, while P/B (Price to Book) stands at 3.32. When we look at the Volatility of the company, Week Volatility is at 7.14% whereas Month Volatility is at 7.45%.

Thank you all for passing on the info!           

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