American Bulls: Short Sellers To Be On Alert

I have been interested in this trading site since someone posted it some time ago and now I now have a subscription to it. (Made one quick trade so far and sold to make small profit)

Taking a look at NAK over the last 6 months you can see they have been  right 13/20 times.

Here is today’s update for NAK

Market Outlook

With the bullish pattern detected today candlesticks warned short sellers to be on alert. Market sentiment may be changing in the direction of the bulls. Based on this pattern, in response to emerging market bullishness the system established new confirmation and stop loss levels. The signal tells us to STAY SHORT, but the chance of a bullish confirmation that will change the signal to BUY is quite high. The Delayed Intraday Module is ON. Given the risks involved, we strongly suggest you to follow price movements on an intraday basis.

Just thought I’d share


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Thanks for sharing NAK Long, appreciate the helpful info you pass along!! GLTA Longs this week, maybe a little new this weekend and we’ll settle these shorts down a bit. Seems all the big boards, Yahoo, ST, IH, all got their Victoria secret girdles on too tight, lol.