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This Week:

Last Friday’s close $1.53
This Friday’s close $1.77


Institutional Info
-Investors: 74
-Shares: 46,073,450

Short Interest
-Shares: 23,920,200
-Days To Cover 1.9
– Prior 24,980,000
Change -4 %

Welcome to the Ninth NAK Report

I’m not saying anything is for sure and obviously this stock could go down more but I think options traders are trying real hard to get you to sell. If your truly long then the up and down noise can be canceled out. Why would anyone here truly care if you lose money or sit on a stock. You can tell by their obvious irritation and mockery when anyone has anything good to say…..I quit predicting what this will do and feel the near future may be uncertain but I’m certainly not going to sell because we have to wait until the third quarter. I obviously missed my opportunity to take some profit at $2.50 so why would I sell now if it MAY go down another $0.25 or even more. I would rather run the risk than try to time the market on this one. I am a true Long and if it weren’t for promising 200 people I would deliver them a weekly email I would gladly put it in the back of my mind for a while because I know the government is out there right now promoting my investment………
Here are some recent comments on…

Good Posts on Ihub (JohnLepon/Bearhunterz from STwits) follow his posts there – heavy shorting continues see here
And a couple of excellent detailed posts here (thoughts on value)

NAK Short Volume Report 6/1/2017 -72% of Sales Short

Shorts continue to pile on the stock in order to take out stops to cover and have been unable to find a material level of longs willing to sell their shares at these levels.

Shorts appear to be trapped as they continue to add risk in order to find a way to exit profitably. Levels of daily shorting for any stock > 20% are in the normal range, once you exceed 30% its considered heavy/excessive. Levels in the 60-70% range are beyond excessive

Reminder that last week we saw shorting as a % of sales > 60% all week reaching 71% on one day, and since the last short interest report in the WSJ (24 mil) the lowest level of shorting as a % of sales has been ~40%

Our estimates (based on daily tracking since the last short interest report) put the current short interest at approximately 27.5-28.5 million shares.

Volume 4.300 mil
Buys 1.657 mil
Sales 1.968 mil
DPools 0.675 mil
Short 1.416 mil

Short % of Sales (1.416/ 1.968) = 72%

A good point made on ST yesterday, that the shorting occurred at the peak of the post veto lift move ($2.40 range). Since then we’ve seen a low volume move downwards on heavy shorting and low volume. A reminder to longs to understand the difference between a move down on low volume shorting vs longs selling – this is why we post the data. Clearly a low volume move done on shorting means something very different than longs selling in material numbers……
Retail shorts should consider the macro situation here as they have been suckered into a bear trap…….. Read more….

Thanks PC and Marty for sharing. Many are still working hard to bring you the current

Markets closed in observance of Memorial Day

Previous close $1.73
Open-   $1.72
High      $1.74
Low-      $1.64
Close-    $1.65
Volume    2,347,171

Open-    $1.65
High-     $1.67
Low-      $1.55
Close-   $1.55
Volume- 3,729,227


Open-   $1.55
High-    $1.59
Low-     $1.47
Close-   $1.51
Volume-  4,303,610

+ $0.02
Open-   $1.48
High-    $1.53
Low-     $1.48
Close-   $1.53
Volume- 2,123,049
From the NAK News Network

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
Teleconference: Friday May 12, 2017 Transcript
Webcast Slides

Global Energy Dominance!

I sent this out in an email but re posting it here for those of you who may have missed it Read Full Email

Just wanted to pass this along from NAK News Network. I know this article is not breaking news but it shows support for our investment. It’s just nice to hear the phrase Global Energy Dominance and pebble mine in the same article. I don’t know about you but it gives me great hope when the government is actually out there promoting your investment and including it in a vision for Total Global Dominance……..wait…wait…..that wasn’t right, let me try this again….(clear throat) ….GLOBAL ENERGY DOMINANCE….Lets see how many of your investments can make that claim!
U.S. Secretary of the Interior visits Fairbanks

By Amanda Brennen |

Posted: Tue 7:14 PM, May 30, 2017

On Saturday, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke, along with five other senators including Senator Lisa Murkowski, arrived in Fairbanks on a fact finding mission
When asked how the Department of the Interior is going to handle different natural resource industries clashing, as in the fishing and mining industries in regards to Pebble Mine, Zinke responded that instead of different departments coming to different conclusions, the federal entities need to coordinate better while including the state in final decisions.
Senator Daines of Montana and Secretary Zinke both mention why the United States should not only strive for energy independence, but achieve global energy dominance.
Watch Full Video

Shareholder Views

This is from yahoo and I never asked to use name so I’m not at this point but it’s not hard to figure out
Thank you for your support…..

Trading vs investing in The ultimate portfolio.
As some have eluded to they will try and time the market with buy entries at even lower prices. A interesting idea but rewards in reality are generally poor to very poor.

Compare that logic to playing the game as the institutional and smart money play this game. Shares are accumulated ideally through private placements but not always. However private placements give the additional bonuses of one warrant per share with possibly a five year term.

Ideally de risking by selling enough shares for a free ride plus warrants to add a kick to the gains. Ideally a portfolio would be 100% cash shares on a free ride plus warrants!

Compare that to trying to trade in and out of markets. In reality 9/10 only the broker is making money. I’m lazy, after DD I’d rather sit enjoying some golf and not focus on every tick of a stock trying to time my next entry and exit. Far to much work for to little gain.

So for those criticizing us who have a long term view as in 2023 as possible payday. It’s best to learn and understand how the game can be played with as little risk as possible. Generally the most critical posters have the least invested. Or are trying to justify there trading strategy as being better than the best in the game Soros, Buffett, Stan Drukenmiller.
Stan is my personal favourite, IMO a extremely astute investor.

Traders I wish you luck trading, I’m personally very poor at it so I focus on excellent investments like ND with huge optionality. If it’s less than three year time horizon your into speculation not investment. The key to sleeping very well is how you manage that time frame, always de risk selling enough shares for free ride. A portfolio of 5-7 shares all with home run possibilities is playing the odds mathematically. You only need two home runs and your up substantially. However it’s managing the downside is the key. Free ride

Best of luck to all investors

Thanks For Reading
NAK Long

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