“Global Energy Dominance”

Just wanted to pass this along from NAK News Network.
I know this article is not breaking news but it shows support for our investment. It’s just nice to hear the phrase Global Energy Dominance and pebble mine in the same article. I don’t know about you but it gives me great hope when the government is actually out there promoting your investment and including it in a vision for Total Global Dominance……..wait…wait…..that wasn’t right, let me try this again….(clear throat) ….GLOBAL ENERGY DOMINANCE….Lets see how many of your investments can make that claim!
U.S. Secretary of the Interior visits Fairbanks

By Amanda Brennen |

Posted: Tue 7:14 PM, May 30, 2017

On Saturday, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke, along with five other senators including Senator Lisa Murkowski, arrived in Fairbanks on a fact finding mission
When asked how the Department of the Interior is going to handle different natural resource industries clashing, as in the fishing and mining industries in regards to Pebble Mine, Zinke responded that instead of different departments coming to different conclusions, the federal entities need to coordinate better while including the state in final decisions.
Senator Daines of Montana and Secretary Zinke both mention why the United States should not only strive for energy independence, but achieve global energy dominance.
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