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Sold none, and won’t. Happy to wait for years. Just upset that I accidentally responded ‘not happy with mgmt’ in survey. Any DD at all tells you everything you need to know as an investor. To risk shorting in order to make a few hundred bucks, because the chart tells you to? I think not. That said, until significant news hits we will be down more often than up. I’ve given a ton of info to my wife with the hope that she will suggest that I ignore the budget (again!) and buy more shares. Really second guessing myself for… Read more »

I have sold none. I suspect we will not see some action until the announcement of a partner or partners.

Mike S

Actually, I sold 8%, not at the peak – but above where it is now. I am still overweighted in NAK. Looking to lower position, but as we ALL KNOW, NAK is a compelling stock and Pebble is a compelling project.


None of the above! I have all my shares and not sold a one. I set up an account in my name and a flipper (relative) managed that account, he has bought 10,000’s sold and bought on a daily basis. So for the survey I will be selecting NONE