17 New Investors

17 New Investors

AMEX:NAK / Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.

Institutional and Fund Ownership


Security NAK / Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
Current Owners 72
Institutional Shares 43,525,279

a lot has changed in the investor world since the last time we published the announcement of Bank of Montreal. Most of the activity starts mid April but the last two days look to be very busy. It’s defiantly worth a look….. I have been looking at this page for the last hour and feel it’s very positive.
If I had as much time as ron right now I’d run down the last month and give you all the stats. but for now here are the last two days.

Today 5-15

13 new positions
2 closed position
4 added to positions
5 reduced their positions
4 New option positions

4 new positions
1 Closed position
5 added to their position
2 reduced their positions
4 New option positions

100% of this article is thanks to NAK News Network for keeping us informed and posting the facts. Apparently his break only lasted a weekend……… one word….. Driven Thanks buddy! P.S. Visit the site to see his pyrotechnics

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Thanks for posting! That is some nice traffic, and some big players, that if this was indeed a Loser like Ronnie boy said, I doubt they would be chunking down the coin they are doing. It still boggles me how all that additional players coming in with a lot of shares, and the shorts I guess still have done a great job of driving our stock down. Damn them!!