Reoprt 4: Four Trading Days Left

A few things have changed since last Thursdays report from a new method of transportation (NAKetship) to the dynamic of our message board. And as I sit and write this I cannot help but start laughing at the recent post from the word fart to the laugh of a very outspoken pirate. You can defiantly tell the shorts and activist are back in town. I think everyone will agree that when the two arrive it turns into a big circus……..  I knew Wednesday morning when the K report was posted we were in for a fight until the 4th. It’s all up to you since this starts my very busy season and over the summer my kids almost forget who I am at times. Good Luck To All….even the shorts as I know you’re reading too. While everyone has their own methods we all have one common goal. Guaranteed our new pirate friend would be a good guy in real life and would shake his hand if I had a chance. Although ron buddy, you may have to wash yours hands first. Thanks for the laughs!.

Thank you everyone for posting articles and comments.

Last Thursday’s Close $1.49
This Thursday’s Close  $1.53
Change + $0.04


NAKetships  and fools

Check out the Weekend Hangover in case you missed it
Week Overview


Monday:    – $0.02

Previous close $1.51

Open-   $1.48
High-    $1.53
Low-     $1.46
Close-  $1.49
Volume- 1,999,783


Tuesday    + $0.01

Open-   $1.50
High-    $1.52
Low-    $1.46
Close-  $1.50
Volume   2,089,862


Wednesday    + $0.15

Open-   $1.50
High-    $1.7301
Low-     $1.50
Close-  $1.65


Thursday   -$0.12 

Open    $1.70
High- $1.71
Low- $1.47
Close- $1.53
Volume- 4,840,000

As previously stated I’m steering away from opinion at this point. One can only hope it will build as we approach the deadline as it did in the past.


SA was at it again with their pumping with this one promising to rocket us to space!

I’m not bothering to post more of the article here because I’m sure most of you have read it.

“Currently there is an enormous amount of naked short selling in this name and will add a lot of mid term fuel for the NAKetship, which I will cover in my next article (future bullishness)”

Read full article-

Two FOOL articles were released that had little effect on the overall market


The three articles released had little effect on the stock and when trump mentions Alaska it seems to take off. I plan to do a little more research this weekend as I have more time off. Stay tuned for the next Weekend Hangover


More Information…..

Resources vs Reserves

2011 “Good Read” and one FOOL


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I do agree the dynamics of the board has changed and expect it will get worse as we get closer to the 4th. Time will tell.


Pirate?! Puleeeze… pirates say “Arrrrrrrrr” This douchnozzle says “Har har” like a disgruntled dunk tank carnival clown. I guarantee you he is just as miserable in his real life as he appears hiding behind the Internet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he works for Adrangi except for the fact that he probably is unemployed.

I had actually just posted a reply in another area of the message board, still trying to figure out where is where and what is what on our board here, lol. But my point was, I believe there are times to short a stock, I’ve done it a couple times, and played a little with options but usually I buy something I believe in, and go long that stock. Most investments I’ve been in, seems people that short that stock, are, well just immature. Bottom line is, I really don’t care if your long or short a stock, were all… Read more »