Institutional Buy Alert- Bank Of Montreal

Bank of Montreal Increased their position on Wednesday from 31,400 shares to 1,740,416 for a purchase of 1,709,016
Just another convincing reason to stick it out.

*I would like to thank another very ambitious shareholder for posting this link.

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This trade indicates that BMO had been following the situation and had funds ready waiting to be used in the event that some condition they were waiting for was met. They paid a higher price for their shares as a result of waiting, but must have considered that it was worth it to them, as a risk they perceived had somehow been lowered. After the market closed negative comments appeared such as from Motley Fool, referring to this as a relatively minor permit, implying that the buyers were less informed and not understanding this. However, a day when 39.6 million… Read more »

The news wasn’t that good, caught the uniformed buyers, may drop a little but what if you are out when the Veto is dropped. That could be any day.

John Barlow

That is Great News! Bank of Montreal could be our answer to the “short game we just went though!


That’s 1,740.416 that in the bank for safe keeping!